Manufacture & Re-certification of Wellhead and Christmas tree equipment PSL1 through 3(API 6A & 16A)
  • Cross-over connectors
  • Top connectors
  • Tees and Crosses
  • Adapter and Spacer spools
  • Flanged Connectors
  • Thread Connectors
  • Other End connectors
  • Companion Flanges
  • Weld Neck Flanges
  • Hub connections
  • Drilling Spools
  • Manifold Equipment
  • Double Studded Adaptors
We have two each Vertical Lathe and One Horizontal Boring Machine in operation for processing of aforesaid equipment. In addition we have one Full phased Horizontal CNC Boring and CNC Vertical Lathe. Our facility is currently under upgradation to meet the ever increasing customer needs.

Manufacture of Casing & Tubing Pup joints, Accessories, Threading & end finishing (API 5CT)
We have separate facility for processing of Casing & Tubing having lined up with Five each state of the art CNC threading units, Zinc Phosphating Bath, Computerized Power tight make up machine, and Coupled End Hydro Testing. So far we have threaded over 1,500,000 feet of 18 5/8” BTC Casing for the end user Saudi Aramco utilising our aforesaid facility. We have the capability of threading casing / tubing of OCTG products from 2 3/8” to 20” diameter. We also provide the service of bucking off and making up of couplings for 2 3/8” to 20” Casing and Tubing

Manufacture of Drill stem subs, Threading for Rotary Shouldered connections (API 7-1)
We have a total of five each semi-automatic Oil Country lathes and two each 14” Spindle Bore full phased CNC Lathe which operate on two separate threading lines, each lathe having its own Hydraulic Handling System for safe and easy loading of OCTG tubular. These units are used predominantly for the repair and manufacture of drill stem items and drill through equipment.

Repair & Recertification of Choke Manifold and Loose Valves
We do inspection, repair, and testing of loose valves and choke manifold for oil & gas rigs.

We have expertise in the valve repair in accordance with API and OEM standards and our service team of highly skilled technicians with extensive experience in this field are available to the customers all the time. Our complete blast proof test facility has capacity to conduct pressure tests up to 30000 psi. The whole system is designed to allow the operator to safely test the equipment at high pressure.

Welding & Fabrication Services
Our welding shop is fully equipped with Six Welding Machines, CNC cutting machines and Two Sub Arc Welding Machines to do all fabrication jobs. We have qualified team of welders to cater the new challenges. We have also Post Weld Heat Treatment as part of above services. All our welding processes are done in accordance with established WPS & PQR followed by qualifying NDT evaluations to ensure reliable weld quality.

  • NDT Services – MT, PT & UT
  • Hardness Testing (Sour Service in accordance with NACE MR 01-75)
  • Hydrostatic testing 0 to 30,000 PSI
  • Coupled end Hydrostatic testing for 18 5/8” Casing
  • Heat Treatment services
  • Make Up / Buck-Off Services up to 20” diameter 60,000 ft/lbs
  • Shot blasting
  • Painting
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